Corona disease and Homoeopathic medicine

                                                Homoeapthy and current Epidemy of Corona disease

For corona there  are somany  home remedies are  recommanded by the people 

but in last 21 years practice of life i have seen there are so many homoeopathic remedies for some epidemic disease which works for this type of situation . mainly  i recommand the 5 medicines .

1. Arsenic Album 30 

specially for the person who are suferring from the cold , coryza , throat swollen , tearing  needle like pain in throat ,scanty cough, septic fever  with high temperature.

5 golbules daily for 3 days  

2. Bryonia Alba 200  

             I think this is the best medicine for any epidemic fever  like swine flu, dengue , or corona . and this medicine is most suitable for the people who are residing in the are where atmosphere is like summer ..means days are  hot and nights are cold .  

        means  in india its best medicine for gujrat , mp , maharashtra , rajsthan, delhi , zarkhand like state in march april may month .. it acts on serous membranes, all mucus membranes are become dry, throat dry, sticking on swallowing as if constricted ,, sorenes in larynx, Dry hacking cough , stitching pain in chest ,desire to take a long breath , must expand lungs , croupous and pleuro-pneumonia,.fever pulse is full, hard , tense, and quick .

    5 globules once a day for 3days 

3. Gelsemium  200 

       I recommand this medicine in the cases where sneezing with fullness at root of nose , dryness of nasal mucosa, difficulty in swallowing, thorat swollen , slowneess of breathing ,dry cough with sore chest  and fluent coryza,spasmodic affection of lungs and diaphragm 

    5 globules once a day for  3days 

4. Echinacea 200 

  it is known as corrector of blood dyscrasia , acute auto infection, septic conditions ,i think this medicine is best immunity enahancer . any type of  auto immune disorder .  if recuurent ifnectious diseases are there this is the first choice .

      5 globules  once a day for 3 days 

5. Justicia Adhatoda  (arudasi ).. 

its an indian best  medicine . for respiratory tract infection . dry cough from sternal region all over chest ,larynx, severe dyspnoea with cough, tightness across the chest ,whooping  cough, asthamactic attack, also useful in lung affection with cough and hectic fever

    use its mother tincture 10 drops in full glass of water  twice a day for 3days

Above all medcines are helpfull for viral diseases ,

refernce :- various homoepathic books 

due to current atmosphere  i recommand the bryonia alba 200 once  5 globules a day for 3 days  

note :- all medicine are harmless but you must take under the obesrevation of homoeopath 

thanking you 

Dr.suresh savaj 

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